Jordan Student Directory

Jordan Student Directory

Please read these instructions before clicking any link

To Access the Online Jordan Directory , click this link  or copy it into your browser and don’t forget to add to your bookmarks. Once there, click on “Click HERE to register or recover your password”.  Make sure you enter the same email address you provided to PAUSD at your annual registration.  Follow the directions given to create a login for the directory.

Note:  Password recovery emails commonly go into spam folders.  Gmail is currently putting these emails in “Promotions” tab. We are limiting directory access to emails that are currently in the directory.   If you get the following error message: “The email address is not recognized by the system ?”
Please contact with your problem.
Important message regarding your account
If you have given permission to PAUSD to list your email address in the Jordan Student Directory,  that email address has now been activated for the online directory and you can just follow the instructions to activate. If you did not provide an email address and/or did not permit PAUSD to release your contact info for the Directory, then you’ll need to send an email to to request access.  For data privacy reasons, a rigorous validation process will be required to confirm you are a Jordan family or staff before access can be granted. Once you log in, please review and edit your family’s information.  All email addresses added to your family record will automatically be activated and can be used to access the directory.  All updates made prior to Sept. 30 will be included in the paper version of the student directory. The paper directory will be available upon request, in the front office after October 25th.

Joining the Jordan PTA

Join the Jordan PTA!

Every membership counts!  Many families have grandparents, aunts and uncles as members of their school PTA.

Join the Jordan PTA now by clicking here to purchase membership via the Jordan webstore.  You can also join by check.  $20 for 2 members or $10 per member.  Click here for the Back-to-School PTA Checklist with PTA membership form.  Please fill out this form, include a check made out to: Jordan PTA and return to the Jordan Middle School office or mail to: Jordan PTA Jordan Middle School 750 N. California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Thank you for supporting our students, families and teachers!